Top 5 Benefits of Online Education

Online learning is fast gaining ground as the preferred method of education, globally. Moving away from heavy textbooks and notebooks

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JEE (Advanced) to go online!

Big news for engineering course aspirants! Joint Entrance exams (JEE Advanced) will be conducted on the internet 2018 onwards. It is mandatory to clear JEE for getting admission in the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) offering Engineering courses after secondary school. The decision was taken by Joint Admission Board (JAB), the policy-making body for…

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7 Useful Tips To Help You Give A Great Speech

You must have sat through a lifeless, boring speech, fiddling with your phone, waiting for it to get over. You think to yourself that how you could have done it so much better than that speaker.

Public speaking looks harder than it look like to the listeners. Whenever asked to give a speech, even you’ll get sweaty palms and trembling feet. If that happens, don’t let the fear get the best of you. If you’ll prepare yourself beforehand you can nail your speech like a pro.

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Here, we are listing some useful tips that can help you wade through dreadful stage fright, deliver a powerful speech and win your audience’s appreciation.


  1. Selection is the key – A good speech relies on the words you use. While writing or preparing for your speech, remember to choose positive yet powerful words which will have a good impact on the audience. Avoid overtly casual words or too complex words. Follow the rule – keep it simple.


  1. Have an order to your speech – Start with letting the audience know what you are going to talk about. Then talk about it and in the end reiterate what you’ve talked about. This particular order will render effectiveness to your speech that will be registered in the minds of the people.


  1. Adopt the art of storytelling – Bombarding your audience with plain information might leave them confused and bored. It’s a good idea to deliver your speech in the form of a brief story. This will give your audience a chance to imagine and visualize your descriptions and get involved more in your oration.


  1. Set the right tone – Try to have varying patterns in your speech in terms of speed and volume. Monotone is likely to bore the audience and you will eventually lose their attention.  Give pauses in between different lines. Go slow when talking about an intense topic and give time to the listeners to skink in your message. Be louder when the message is exciting. Such variations will keep the audience hooked to your speech till the end.


  1. Keep it short – A speech should be a speech, not a lecture. It should be short, brief and crisp. Include only the important points of your thoughts in your speech, which will fulfil the purpose of delivering the key message. Nobody likes a stretched and a boring long speech.


  1. Be Articulate – Don’t ramble or fumble. Try to talk smoothly and authoritatively. Include catchy expressions, anecdotes and quotes in your deliverance. A good speaker has a firm hold over the language and vocabulary to frame an effective dialogue. Knowing the language well gives you the confidence to talk freely in public.


Be it in a school, corporate event or a wedding, English is the most commonly used language to deliver speeches. It’s important to learn English to be a confident speaker and be ready to face public. It’s uber easy these days to learn English at your own convenience at home. There are so many online website courses or mobile Apps in the market, which offer interactive lessons to teach and improve your spoken English. Want to know more about such sources? Click here.


JEE (Advanced) to go online!

Big news for engineering course aspirants! Joint Entrance exams (JEE Advanced) will be conducted on the internet 2018 onwards. It is mandatory to clear JEE for getting admission in the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) offering Engineering courses after secondary school.

App for your test preparation

Preparing for JEE IIT?

The decision was taken by Joint Admission Board (JAB), the policy-making body for IIT admissions, at a meeting in Chennai on Sunday to make logistics and evaluations easier.


Earlier this year, the body faced flak with several students raising objections over mistakes in some questions in both the papers of JEE Advanced. After that, IIT Madras decided to award 18 bonus marks to all the students appearing in the examination. This move was strongly resisted by a student and the matter eventually reached the Supreme Court.


“IIT Madras will file an affidavit in the court how such mistakes will not be made in the future. One of the ways includes conducting the exam online,” said an HRD official.


Students will be allotted appropriate centers where they will have to answer questions on a computer instead of paper. Sounds convenient. But, not for those who don’t know how to use or are not comfortable using a computer.


Students can overcome the challenge by taking mock tests and practice operating the system to be able to use computers easily while taking the online exam. Extramarks, the largest digital learning solutions provider, thoroughly prepares students appearing for Engineering Entrance exams through robust and the latest technology.


Extramarks Test-Prep is offered in Classroom mode as well as Online mode. Classroom mode is a matchless blend of modern technology and time-tested teaching techniques employed in a smart class where renowned teachers from their respective fields act as mentors and guide the students throughout the preparation. Online Mode entitles the students to access the entire content on the Extramarks Test-Prep website, providing all the relevant study materials designed by experts.


Extramarks Test-Prep centres have hi-tech computer libraries where students can learn and practice on the systems. The entire course is based on the pattern of JEE exams. Regular tests will give the students a real-time feel of taking the actual exams and will build confidence in them in due course of time.


New technology should be embraced and not to be scared of. Prepare yourself to take the mighty JEE exams with Extramarks’ one-of-its-kind, digitally enhanced coaching program.

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Study in a Group – Anytime, Anywhere

Got stuck while studying or doing homework?

Don’t go to school with incomplete work.

Can’t recall what the teacher explained in class?

Don’t wait till the next day to ask in class.

Get help from your teachers and peers right there and then – in Online Groups.

Online groups let you connect with other students studying the same lesson at their own place. It is a great platform where you can create, share and discover study materials. Experience and enjoy the benefits of collaborative learning within the comfort of your home.

Check out what all you can do in your online group:

  • Discuss difficult topics.
  • Get clarity on concepts you don’t understand.
  • Complete assignments jointly.
  • Share your knowledge and study resources.
  • Get access to others’ study resources like notes and past papers.
  • Get feedback on your projects.
  • Help your peers who don’t understand a topic.
  • Solve test papers together.

Studying in a group makes you interact regularly with others and be actively involved in the study process. Learning is interesting and you end up performing better in academics.

Where and how can you join a group?

Many eLearning providers let their registered users join groups on their portals. One such provider is Extramarks, which offers its special feature of ‘Group’ on its easy-to-use and interactive interface. Join an existing group or create your own with your friends – by following a simple procedure. Click here to learn the fast and easy process.

Move with the times with Extramarks’ ‘Anytime, Anywhere’ Learning Solutions

Keeping pace with today’s globalization and technological changes in education, Extramarks empowers young learners with 360o solutions for effective learning inside the school and after the school. Extramarks solutions are compatible with multiple platforms, making it easy to access them as per schools’ or students’ need.

About Extramarks

Extramarks is a new-age digital learning solutions provider that offers the best of pedagogy and technology to create an engaging, child-centric teaching-learning environment in classrooms and at home.

In keeping with the rapid pace of technological evolution, Extramarks consistently offers an end-to-end education support system to learners and teachers alike by combining state-of-the-art technology with best practices in teaching. Its solutions are aligned with the school curriculum and covers the entire K-12 spectrum, equipping learners with immersive and engaging learning tools to not only earn better grades, but also understand application of the learnt concepts.

With the rising interest in the various aspects of effective and easy education, it is just a matter of time that the entire learning process will face a reversal that will lead to a much more personalized and flexible study process.


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