Why Learning English Is Important?

English is the most spoken language across the world. It’s almost a necessity to know the language to survive in today’s times. In India, English is taught in most of the schools as a primary language and all the textbooks and study material is published in this language.

This leaves no room for doubt that learning English is essential to grow professionally as well as personally. There are n number of reasons to justify why one must learn English. Some of them are as follows:

  1. English is the official language of 54 countries. It is known as the global language, hence, it holds a lot a weightage in global communication and networking. English is the second language in rest of the countries. In any foreign land, it’s only the English language that can connect people of different nationalities.


  1. English is the language of the internet. Knowing the language opens the vast world of social media and a wealth of knowledge contained in it.


  1. Most of the education institutes in India and around the world offer programmes in English. Being well-versed with English provides greater academic opportunities for students.


  1. English is also a prominent language in the corporate world. Written and verbal communication in International companies is carried out in English only. It’s essential to know written and spoken English language to be successful in one’s professional life.


Considering the abovementioned and many more such reasons, learning English is of paramount importance in today’s times. Learning English makes day-to-day life convenient and expands your horizons of growth.

The challenge is to find a suitable source which can teach English in an easy and effective way. EMILLY(Extramarks Interactive Language Learning for You)is a new age English learning resource that uses interactive audio-visual modules and examples of real-life scenarios to make English learning fun and engaging.

EMILLY is available as an APP and can also be accessed online on EMILLY website. Enjoy learning on the go! Get EMILLY and give yourself the power of the most significant language of the world.


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