Kids Tablet – A Reliable Device for the Learning Needs of Your Little One

As cute as Toddlers look, handling them is a super tough task. They run all around, demand your attention all the time and are fussy about just everything. If you are a parent or know any parent to a young child, you’ll know the difficulties in raising them.

As these are the foundational years of a child and the learnings gained at this age shape up their life-long personality, you want your child to make the perfect beginning. Kids these days are growing up surrounded by technology. TV, Laptops, ipads, mobile phones – options to the world of internet are endless.

The kids are exposed to unfiltered content through many mediums and it’s difficult to keep them from these devices. More often than not, parents are left with no option but to risk giving their personal devices to the kids just to distract them.

Is this the right thing to do? No!

Is there any solution to the problem? Yes!


Extramarks Tablet education

Extramarks Toddlers App offers a game-based platform that provides an engaging and fun-filled learning environment for children up to 4 years of age. The App contains interactive rhymes, games, stories and more, that are designed by experts for the young minds. Extramarks Toddlers App is available on Android, Windows and iOS platforms, and also comes as a standalone Tablet.

The modules are built upon the concept of ‘Tap.Learn.Play,’ which infuse various aspects of intelligence into kids and expose them to cognitive skills, language learning, basic mathematics, memory enhancement, logic puzzles, art, music and aesthetic skills. Various packages are available based on age, level, subject and category.

Extramarks Toddlers Tablet is a light-weight, easy-to-carry device and comes in an attractive packaging.  The Tablet contains a strict parental control feature that helps you monitor App usage at any given time. So, you can block your child’s access to the internet and can also regulate their activities on the Tablet.

The best part for all you parents is that you can switch on to Parent Mode and download any app from the internet and use it on the Tab. Extramarks Toddlers App/Tablet entertains not just your child but your entire family. Get it now at an affordable price and build a fun learning environment at your home.


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