The New Way of Studying in Smart Classrooms

The changing times demand for a more pervasive teaching methodology which will be a radical shift from the teacher-centered rote learning system to a facilitator based immersive learning. The ubiquitous green board in the classrooms is being replaced by modern age technology – the new age syllabi is delivered over digital boards, powerful handheld devices, high-speed broadband connection and monitored by learning management systems (LMS). The methodology of imparting knowledge has seen a dynamic shift where the learner takes centre stage and the teacher changes role to become a facilitator instead of being an instructor. Learning is  highly personalised where the learning is not restricted by time and space or regular class hours – this shift from the linear learning model will not only make education more interactive and engaging but will also allow the learners to access videos, podcasts and other related online content at a later stage.

Online Learning

Smart Classes

“Textbooks will no longer exist in the classroom within 10 years’ time.” – believes Prof Neil Selwyn, Faculty of Education, Monash University.

Many students face a lot of fear when asking doubts in the classroom and have the fear of ridicule while raising a query. Understanding capabilities differ from person to person – a widely acknowledged fact – but has been seldom used in the education sector. The digitization of education will provide the much needed solution and will allow the learners to ask questions, raise queries anonymously and confidently.

Another important aspect of learning is assessment. The use of technology like analytics and LMS will allow the facilitator (the new role of the teacher) to keep track of the individual learners understanding and grasp. Online tests can be monitored at the end of a session to assess the takeaway from the class – reducing the time taken to evaluate papers. Feedback for the learners will be immediate and personalised rather than general.

Digital education is a pathway to harness the energy and the inquisitive spirit of the youth enabling them to be the heralds of development. In simple words, it is time to ride the technology wave that is set to radically transform the education sector.

There are many digital education experts that collaborate with schools to set up Smart Classrooms, enabled learning through hand-held devices, which remove the burden of bags. This has resulted in better learning outcomes. Extramarks is one such company that provides quality digital learning solutions to schools across the globe. It has facilitated interactive and engaging learning in many schools and has helped countless students obtain futuristic education. To know more about Extramarks and its various offerings, follow the link below:


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