Why Learning English Is Important?

English is the most spoken language across the world. It’s almost a necessity to know the language to survive in today’s times. In India, English is taught in most of the schools as a primary language and all the textbooks and study material is published in this language.

This leaves no room for doubt that learning English is essential to grow professionally as well as personally. There are n number of reasons to justify why one must learn English. Some of them are as follows:

  1. English is the official language of 54 countries. It is known as the global language, hence, it holds a lot a weightage in global communication and networking. English is the second language in rest of the countries. In any foreign land, it’s only the English language that can connect people of different nationalities.


  1. English is the language of the internet. Knowing the language opens the vast world of social media and a wealth of knowledge contained in it.


  1. Most of the education institutes in India and around the world offer programmes in English. Being well-versed with English provides greater academic opportunities for students.


  1. English is also a prominent language in the corporate world. Written and verbal communication in International companies is carried out in English only. It’s essential to know written and spoken English language to be successful in one’s professional life.


Considering the abovementioned and many more such reasons, learning English is of paramount importance in today’s times. Learning English makes day-to-day life convenient and expands your horizons of growth.

The challenge is to find a suitable source which can teach English in an easy and effective way. EMILLY(Extramarks Interactive Language Learning for You)is a new age English learning resource that uses interactive audio-visual modules and examples of real-life scenarios to make English learning fun and engaging.

EMILLY is available as an APP and can also be accessed online on EMILLY website. Enjoy learning on the go! Get EMILLY and give yourself the power of the most significant language of the world.


Kids Tablet – A Reliable Device for the Learning Needs of Your Little One

As cute as Toddlers look, handling them is a super tough task. They run all around, demand your attention all the time and are fussy about just everything. If you are a parent or know any parent to a young child, you’ll know the difficulties in raising them.

As these are the foundational years of a child and the learnings gained at this age shape up their life-long personality, you want your child to make the perfect beginning. Kids these days are growing up surrounded by technology. TV, Laptops, ipads, mobile phones – options to the world of internet are endless.

The kids are exposed to unfiltered content through many mediums and it’s difficult to keep them from these devices. More often than not, parents are left with no option but to risk giving their personal devices to the kids just to distract them.

Is this the right thing to do? No!

Is there any solution to the problem? Yes!


Extramarks Tablet education

Extramarks Toddlers App offers a game-based platform that provides an engaging and fun-filled learning environment for children up to 4 years of age. The App contains interactive rhymes, games, stories and more, that are designed by experts for the young minds. Extramarks Toddlers App is available on Android, Windows and iOS platforms, and also comes as a standalone Tablet.

The modules are built upon the concept of ‘Tap.Learn.Play,’ which infuse various aspects of intelligence into kids and expose them to cognitive skills, language learning, basic mathematics, memory enhancement, logic puzzles, art, music and aesthetic skills. Various packages are available based on age, level, subject and category.

Extramarks Toddlers Tablet is a light-weight, easy-to-carry device and comes in an attractive packaging.  The Tablet contains a strict parental control feature that helps you monitor App usage at any given time. So, you can block your child’s access to the internet and can also regulate their activities on the Tablet.

The best part for all you parents is that you can switch on to Parent Mode and download any app from the internet and use it on the Tab. Extramarks Toddlers App/Tablet entertains not just your child but your entire family. Get it now at an affordable price and build a fun learning environment at your home.

The complex process of getting Overseas Education simplified!

The beauty and charm of foreign countries attract a lot of Indian students for higher studies. Some students dream of going overseas for quality education and better lifestyle while others just want to get out of their comfort zone and explore the world beyond. Whatever the reason, it’s common among school pass outs to dream of going and studying abroad.


SAT Exam Preparation

Countries like United Kingdom, United States of America, Australia, Singapore etc. accept a large number of foreign students every year. There are many international colleges and universities offering a multitude of undergraduate and post graduate courses. Some of the universities even allow students to take up part-time jobs after classes to support their education expenses.

While the whole idea of moving to a foreign locale seems fascinating, it’s not easy to get through most of the recognized educational institutes. The whole process of applying, clearing the admission process and travelling, is a long, difficult task. One has to clear competitive tests like SAT, PSAT and TOEFL to get admission in the foreign institutes of repute.

Extramarks ensures great SAT scores.

Many dreams are shattered every year due to poor performance in the SATexam or for unavailability of proper guidance. Coming to the aid of such students, Extramarks offers a unique platform to prepare for SAT online. Designed by a team of test-prep experts, Extramarks SAT – Online Prep course provides an integrated program of Diagnostic Tests, PersonalizedAnalysis and Recommended Study Plan.

That’s not all.

Extramarks supports students throughout the journey of preparation for studying abroad – right from selecting the apt university/course till applying for admission in the institute of their choice. Extramarks eases the excessive burden on students and lets them concentrate on preparing well for SAT.

To know more about Extramarks SAT – Online Prep, click here.

6 Hacks That Will Help You Succeed This Academic Year

Now that the summer vacations are over, it’s time to gear up for the rest of the academic session and start preparing for the final exams. Planning right from the beginning is the key to achieving good grades at the end of the academic year. The goal is to finish the curriculum well before the final exams. Do you have a plan ready for it? If not, you should get on to it immediately. Lay down a set of do’s and don’ts for the year. This will provide you with a pointed vision and will help you move on an unwavering track to achieve your targets.

Success, Stairs, Determination, Career, Ambition, Rise

Academic Success

Ace Up Your Sleeve – Prepare a scheduled chart detailing time-wise, how you plan to cover all the subjects. Set up a timetable with deadlines – monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly – and follow it religiously. Stay motivated. Break your goals into more achievable – short-term, mid-term and long-term goals. Reward yourself when you achieve your goal. Try out this hack and you will thank us later.

Turn Foe Into Friend – Though we love learning new things every year, there’s always that one dreadful subject that we just can’t get ourselves to like. It’s like an enemy which keeps pushing us back. So how do you overcome this problem? The best solution is – make peace with it. Try to innovate interesting methodologies to understand the underlying concepts of the particular subject. For instance, play number games and quizzes with your friends to understand Maths, read interesting books to get a better hold of the English language, help your parents install, fix and repair electronic appliances or minor car snags to understand the basic principles of Physics. Do what you can to change your approach towards the subject for good. And who knows, you might even start to like the subject!

Arrange Your Study Space – Your surroundings affect your mood and mind simultaneously. A constructive and positive environment will stir up your actions. Declutter your room, which will bring clarity and focus to the mind. Ensure that lighting in the room is good. Keep away things that can distract you, like video games, magazines, movie DVDs etc.

Fight Your Shortcomings – Half way into the academic year, it’s a good time to look back, introspect and detect your weaknesses. Keep a check on where you are making mistakes and rectify them before it’s too late. There’s still time to start afresh.

Were you not able to finish your lessons in time last year, and were sprinting through it at the last minute? What a nightmare! Don’t let it happen ever again. Learn better time management, set up a routine to spare ample study time every day, and remember to follow it through. If you feel you are not understanding a particular subject in the current syllabus, take the help of your teacher, parents or friends and clear your doubts. After all, you don’t want to sit in the class with a blank face for the rest of the year. Right?

Organise Study Groups – Collaborative learning always helps as you get insights into various perspectives for a single concept. Debates and discussions in a group bring in more clarity on the subject. You can get your doubts cleared instantly and get honest feedback on your performance.

Upgrade Your Learning Methods You have to catch-up with the latest developments and adapt according to the need of the hour. With the syllabus getting more complex and competition growing bigger, it’s important to devise a viable studying technique that carries you towards success.

Extramarks’ digital learning solutions give exactly what you need – ‘Education of Today.’  Our online Smart Study Pack for K-12 offers multimedia-rich content, which explain all the concepts in an engaging and interactive manner. Extramarks’ three-pronged approach of Learn.Practice.Test provides for a 360 degrees learning experience, what we call as ‘Total Learning.’

What’s more?

You get the option to schedule and add notes, helping in following a proper study routine. Retention tools like Mind Maps make it easier to memorize. Unlimited model papers ensure through-and-through revision. You can join online groups and participate in joint discussions. You can also appoint a mentor, who will have access to your study plan and can track your progress.

This kind of online education support will make the whole studying process interesting and will also get you more involved in it.Get Extramarks Digital Learning Solutions and excel in your studies this academic session.

Emergence of e-Education in Digital India

The government of India has embarked on the task of transforming the face of India and of bridging the digital divide between the rural and urban India. Mr. Narendra Modi, the Honourable Prime Minister of India, launched the Digital India campaign with the objective to connect the entire country with high-speed internet networks and was also able to secure commitments from national and global business heads for an investment of US $ 3.3 trillion. A major chunk of the investment is in line with the government’s vision to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy – and driving on this momentum, the education sector is poised to witness major growth in the years to come.

Digital India

Digital India

The government recognises that the ‘Gen Y’ of India is always connected and lives a fast-paced online life. A recent study reveals that Indians are amongst the most aggressive users of massively open online courses (MOOCs) and with over 200 million of the one billion population being connected to the internet, the need for a rapid digitization of the sector cannot be ignored.

The National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT) scheme aims to leverage the potential of e-education for learners. The mission has two major objectives – generating content for digitization of education and to provision access to connectivity and internet devices for learners. Under the NMEICT mission, 419 universities and more than 25000 level colleges and polytechnics have been envisaged to be transformed into digital learning hubs empowering the youth.

The government and the education industry experts are now accepting that the days of the chalk and talk are slowly ending and that the time has come to shift to a blended learning atmosphere. The digitization of India and the strong backing of the government acts as an accelerator for the sector that aims to make learning accessible, interactive and immersive.

The modern day students are connected and influenced by the world around them and are no longer only textbook oriented. The steady influx of the Internet of Everything (IoE) empowers them to experience anytime anywhere learning in the new era of e-Education. To facilitate this, there are many players in the industry providing digital learning solutions for students, teachers, parents and schools.

To know more about the various outcomes and scope of e-education in our country, click here.

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The New Way of Studying in Smart Classrooms

The changing times demand for a more pervasive teaching methodology which will be a radical shift from the teacher-centered rote learning system to a facilitator based immersive learning. The ubiquitous green board in the classrooms is being replaced by modern age technology – the new age syllabi is delivered over digital boards, powerful handheld devices, high-speed broadband connection and monitored by learning management systems (LMS). The methodology of imparting knowledge has seen a dynamic shift where the learner takes centre stage and the teacher changes role to become a facilitator instead of being an instructor. Learning is  highly personalised where the learning is not restricted by time and space or regular class hours – this shift from the linear learning model will not only make education more interactive and engaging but will also allow the learners to access videos, podcasts and other related online content at a later stage.

Online Learning

Smart Classes

“Textbooks will no longer exist in the classroom within 10 years’ time.” – believes Prof Neil Selwyn, Faculty of Education, Monash University.

Many students face a lot of fear when asking doubts in the classroom and have the fear of ridicule while raising a query. Understanding capabilities differ from person to person – a widely acknowledged fact – but has been seldom used in the education sector. The digitization of education will provide the much needed solution and will allow the learners to ask questions, raise queries anonymously and confidently.

Another important aspect of learning is assessment. The use of technology like analytics and LMS will allow the facilitator (the new role of the teacher) to keep track of the individual learners understanding and grasp. Online tests can be monitored at the end of a session to assess the takeaway from the class – reducing the time taken to evaluate papers. Feedback for the learners will be immediate and personalised rather than general.

Digital education is a pathway to harness the energy and the inquisitive spirit of the youth enabling them to be the heralds of development. In simple words, it is time to ride the technology wave that is set to radically transform the education sector.

There are many digital education experts that collaborate with schools to set up Smart Classrooms, enabled learning through hand-held devices, which remove the burden of bags. This has resulted in better learning outcomes. Extramarks is one such company that provides quality digital learning solutions to schools across the globe. It has facilitated interactive and engaging learning in many schools and has helped countless students obtain futuristic education. To know more about Extramarks and its various offerings, follow the link below: