Online Career Counseling to discover the perfect career path

Taking online tests for career assessment and counselling sessions has become sort of a trend these days. Many students go for these tests after completing their 10th or 12th class. In the midst of so many career options and competition, students get confused and are unable to decide the right course for themselves.  Till recently, students and parents would just blindly follow the current trends due to lack of guidance. Now, people are realizing the importance of taking the right first step to embark on the career path lest they fail and regret later.

These tests empower students to explore their capabilities, their strengths and weaknesses and discover their true potential. Extramarks, a leading digital learning solutions provider, aims to propel the nascent ambitions of students who are in or just out of the school. Extramarks provides Career Assessment Programme(CAP) for students from grade 9 -12. Extramarks’CAP plays a vital role in helping students kick-start their career in the right direction.

Are Career Counselling Tests Necessary?

For those who are absolutely serious about making a mark in their professional life, these tests are more of a pre-requisite than a necessity. These tests help the young ones get a definite direction and discover the most suitable career path before making important life decisions.

Identifies one’s aptitude – Aptitude tests measure candidates’ suitability for a particular field of work. These tests are designed to assess logical reasoning or abstract thinking skills.

Takes personal preference into account – Students are interviewed to come out with their interests, hobbies, desires, etc. in order to list out career options, which are closest to their personal goals.

Reveals professional personality – Assessment methods adopted are scientifically designed to be able to identify the basic traits of a person, helping in figuring out the best-suited work areas for them.

career counselling from extra marks

Career Counseling

Processes accurate evaluation – The various tests combined and carried out in online assessment programmes generate a detailed analysis of one’s special abilities. The reports help students and parents decide the right stream, course or institute for higher studies.

Extramarks’ Career Assessment Programme measures inherent aptitude and unique personality of a student through an online Psychometric Test, which is then mapped to their career goals. This consists of an online Personality Test, online Aptitude Test and online Career Preference Test.

If you wish to take the test or know more about the programme, click here.


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