How to excel in the crucial entrance exams

In this competitive world, students have an immense pressure of choosing the right career path. After class 10th, students can foresee their professional life and can plan and act accordingly to achieve it. Most of the professional courses in the 1st rung institutes accept students through entrance exams. Every year, more than 1.2 lakh students appear for medical/engineering entrance exams like JEE, AIIMS and NEET to score a position in the prestigious institutes like IIT and AIIMS. The exams are hard to crack and that’s why it requires a lot of hard work and right actions for through-and-through preparation.

preparing entrance exam

Entrance Exams

Planning is the key –

Get an overview of the entire course and note down the number of courses and topics to be covered for the upcoming entrance exams. Segregate complex topics from relatively easier ones. Pick the difficult topics first. Plan how and when you should go about studying topic by topic. Create a schedule for the same with specific timelines for each topic.

Get the right support –

Choosing a reliable institute for external coaching will prove to be very helpful. A good coaching institute should provide its 100% support for studies and a great learning environment. Make sure that the coaching centre is well-equipped with advanced learning resources.

Extramarks, the largest digital solutions provider in India, offers complete assistance for preparation for competitive exams. It works relentlessly to help students achieve their dreams. Extramarks’ Test-prep helps move them from text cramming to concept understanding.

Why should you go for Extramarks Test-prep Centers ?

  • Optimum batch size ensures personal attention to each child, thus, encouraging the students to clear their doubts instantly.
  • Smart classes with the state-of-the-art infrastructure provides a modern and tech-enabled study environment.
  • Teaching through digital boards and multimedia-rich content makes for a fun and effective learning experience.
  • Regular tests based on exams’ pattern are conducted to ensure thorough revision of the lessons taught.
  • Extramarks’ faculty is highly qualified, experienced, tech-savvy and passionate towards teaching.
  • Parents are regularly updated through SMS and emails about their child’s progress.

If you wish to ace any major competitive exam in India, study through Extramarks Test-prep and see yourself succeeding. For more information on Extramarks Test-prep classroom and online courses, click here.


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