Get accurate NCERT solutions for CBSE exams

Exams can be stressful. And, stress takes a toll on students’ health, which in turn affects their performance. Students preparing for the mighty exams often experience fear and chaos.  One of the factors adding to the chaos is the availability of n number of study resources. There are so many books and guides offering similar study materials, it only confuses the learners rather than helping them.

NCERT Learning Online

NCERT learning

You must have heard your teachers asking you to cut the chase and opt for NCERT books without a hitch. Seniors also swear by them.  There’s no doubt that NCERT books are the best source for exam preparation. NCERT questions are comparable to all the sample papers student might refer to for end-to-end preparation.

Why is NCERT ‘Bible of Academics?’

Mapped to CBSE syllabus – NCERT content is completely charted out to curriculum followed by schools, which are affiliated to CBSE. NCERT books are recognised as the most authentic CBSE-mapped study material provider.

Genuine content – NCERT content is prepared by the best-in-the-industry experts after a thorough research. Only the relevant topics are covered and explained in an easy-to-understand language.

Matches exam pattern – NCERT questions given at the end of each lesson match closest to the school exams as well as competitive tests. In fact, many a time, NCERT questions are picked directly and put in these exam papers.

Builds strong foundation – All the concepts are explained in a clear and concise manner focusing on decoding the underlying fundamentals. The students can easily understand the basics of the complex topics, helping them to study in a better way.

One can never go wrong with NCERT. Cracking NCERT questions gets you thoroughly prepared for your exams. The questions are set keeping in mind the relevance of school and other examinations in the country.  Extramarks, a leader in the digital education industry, provides NCERT solutions for all CBSE classes (1-12) and Engineering and Medical entrance tests like IIT-JEE, AIIMS, NEET etc. on its online platform. These solutions are well-researched and created by the top-most academicians in the field to ensure accurate answers are provided to questions of the NCERT books.

Extramarks has helped lakhs of students achieve success in the academic examinations through its NCERT solutions. Don’t get left behind. Follow the links below and get access to Extramarks’ brilliant NCERT solutions for CBSE classes and ace your exams.


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