Online Career Counseling to discover the perfect career path

Taking online tests for career assessment and counselling sessions has become sort of a trend these days. Many students go for these tests after completing their 10th or 12th class. In the midst of so many career options and competition, students get confused and are unable to decide the right course for themselves.  Till recently, students and parents would just blindly follow the current trends due to lack of guidance. Now, people are realizing the importance of taking the right first step to embark on the career path lest they fail and regret later.

These tests empower students to explore their capabilities, their strengths and weaknesses and discover their true potential. Extramarks, a leading digital learning solutions provider, aims to propel the nascent ambitions of students who are in or just out of the school. Extramarks provides Career Assessment Programme(CAP) for students from grade 9 -12. Extramarks’CAP plays a vital role in helping students kick-start their career in the right direction.

Are Career Counselling Tests Necessary?

For those who are absolutely serious about making a mark in their professional life, these tests are more of a pre-requisite than a necessity. These tests help the young ones get a definite direction and discover the most suitable career path before making important life decisions.

Identifies one’s aptitude – Aptitude tests measure candidates’ suitability for a particular field of work. These tests are designed to assess logical reasoning or abstract thinking skills.

Takes personal preference into account – Students are interviewed to come out with their interests, hobbies, desires, etc. in order to list out career options, which are closest to their personal goals.

Reveals professional personality – Assessment methods adopted are scientifically designed to be able to identify the basic traits of a person, helping in figuring out the best-suited work areas for them.

career counselling from extra marks

Career Counseling

Processes accurate evaluation – The various tests combined and carried out in online assessment programmes generate a detailed analysis of one’s special abilities. The reports help students and parents decide the right stream, course or institute for higher studies.

Extramarks’ Career Assessment Programme measures inherent aptitude and unique personality of a student through an online Psychometric Test, which is then mapped to their career goals. This consists of an online Personality Test, online Aptitude Test and online Career Preference Test.

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Get accurate NCERT solutions for CBSE exams

Exams can be stressful. And, stress takes a toll on students’ health, which in turn affects their performance. Students preparing for the mighty exams often experience fear and chaos.  One of the factors adding to the chaos is the availability of n number of study resources. There are so many books and guides offering similar study materials, it only confuses the learners rather than helping them.

NCERT Learning Online

NCERT learning

You must have heard your teachers asking you to cut the chase and opt for NCERT books without a hitch. Seniors also swear by them.  There’s no doubt that NCERT books are the best source for exam preparation. NCERT questions are comparable to all the sample papers student might refer to for end-to-end preparation.

Why is NCERT ‘Bible of Academics?’

Mapped to CBSE syllabus – NCERT content is completely charted out to curriculum followed by schools, which are affiliated to CBSE. NCERT books are recognised as the most authentic CBSE-mapped study material provider.

Genuine content – NCERT content is prepared by the best-in-the-industry experts after a thorough research. Only the relevant topics are covered and explained in an easy-to-understand language.

Matches exam pattern – NCERT questions given at the end of each lesson match closest to the school exams as well as competitive tests. In fact, many a time, NCERT questions are picked directly and put in these exam papers.

Builds strong foundation – All the concepts are explained in a clear and concise manner focusing on decoding the underlying fundamentals. The students can easily understand the basics of the complex topics, helping them to study in a better way.

One can never go wrong with NCERT. Cracking NCERT questions gets you thoroughly prepared for your exams. The questions are set keeping in mind the relevance of school and other examinations in the country.  Extramarks, a leader in the digital education industry, provides NCERT solutions for all CBSE classes (1-12) and Engineering and Medical entrance tests like IIT-JEE, AIIMS, NEET etc. on its online platform. These solutions are well-researched and created by the top-most academicians in the field to ensure accurate answers are provided to questions of the NCERT books.

Extramarks has helped lakhs of students achieve success in the academic examinations through its NCERT solutions. Don’t get left behind. Follow the links below and get access to Extramarks’ brilliant NCERT solutions for CBSE classes and ace your exams.


Learning is forever. And, it’s amazing how technology has made learning so easy and convenient these days. Whether you are in the comfort of your home or travelling, or sitting in a restaurant; you can just log into your system and everything you need to know is right there.

Modern technology has brought classrooms to our homes. Web tutorials – if you don’t know already – means web-based study lessons, which are transmitted over the internet directly to your screen. You can view the entire tutorial on any topic of any course on your system. You can even join live group sessions for joint discussions. This is called cutting-edge education!

education through the web

Online Tuition

Web tutorials are fast gaining popularity among students

Online learning has been proven to be very impactful and useful for anyone who is willing to learn. 2D and 3D videos capture attention and generate curiosity of the learners. Students prefer this medium over boring black and white static text of books.

Online education is not a replacement but an enhancement to classroom teaching

All the study modules in online learning websites are stored for future viewing. So, if you miss a lesson in your class or don’t understand a topic, you can view it anytime or for any number of times at your own convenience.

Innovative web learning tools add interactivity and encourage participation

Online teaching allows real-time communication between the appointed mentor and the learner, making it a classroom-like experience at home. The online groups let you instantly give your feedback or clarify your doubts. You can simultaneously interact and discuss topics and save a lot of your time.

Empower yourself with the new technology of learning

Modern education platforms like web tutoring give you an edge over others who are still stuck with traditional learning. There are many companies in the education industry providing end-to-end digital learning solutions to promote quality education. If you also wish to learn from multimedia-rich web tutorials and improve your studies, click here.

How to excel in the crucial entrance exams

In this competitive world, students have an immense pressure of choosing the right career path. After class 10th, students can foresee their professional life and can plan and act accordingly to achieve it. Most of the professional courses in the 1st rung institutes accept students through entrance exams. Every year, more than 1.2 lakh students appear for medical/engineering entrance exams like JEE, AIIMS and NEET to score a position in the prestigious institutes like IIT and AIIMS. The exams are hard to crack and that’s why it requires a lot of hard work and right actions for through-and-through preparation.

preparing entrance exam

Entrance Exams

Planning is the key –

Get an overview of the entire course and note down the number of courses and topics to be covered for the upcoming entrance exams. Segregate complex topics from relatively easier ones. Pick the difficult topics first. Plan how and when you should go about studying topic by topic. Create a schedule for the same with specific timelines for each topic.

Get the right support –

Choosing a reliable institute for external coaching will prove to be very helpful. A good coaching institute should provide its 100% support for studies and a great learning environment. Make sure that the coaching centre is well-equipped with advanced learning resources.

Extramarks, the largest digital solutions provider in India, offers complete assistance for preparation for competitive exams. It works relentlessly to help students achieve their dreams. Extramarks’ Test-prep helps move them from text cramming to concept understanding.

Why should you go for Extramarks Test-prep Centers ?

  • Optimum batch size ensures personal attention to each child, thus, encouraging the students to clear their doubts instantly.
  • Smart classes with the state-of-the-art infrastructure provides a modern and tech-enabled study environment.
  • Teaching through digital boards and multimedia-rich content makes for a fun and effective learning experience.
  • Regular tests based on exams’ pattern are conducted to ensure thorough revision of the lessons taught.
  • Extramarks’ faculty is highly qualified, experienced, tech-savvy and passionate towards teaching.
  • Parents are regularly updated through SMS and emails about their child’s progress.

If you wish to ace any major competitive exam in India, study through Extramarks Test-prep and see yourself succeeding. For more information on Extramarks Test-prep classroom and online courses, click here.

Smart Learning for Smart Learners

The traditional classroom setting posed a lot of limitations for students to study in the most effective way. In a crowded environment, teachers cannot pay attention to each and every student and many students feel shy to raise their queries. A lesson once taught cannot be repeated in a classroom. The very purpose of going to school to gain knowledge fails due to such constraints.

online learning

Not letting all these problems impede quality education, digital learning came into being to support and enhance classroom learning. E-learning is one of the greatest revolutions the education industry has witnessed. It not only helps students study well but also assist teachers in explaining concepts in a better way.

Why is Online Learning such a rage these days?

Easy Accessibility – With the central government pushing digitalization, high-speed internet networks are available in almost every part of the country. Now, many households have their own internet connection, making online courseware easily and readily accessible.

Personalized Learning – Students have the flexibility to study according to their pace and space and choose to study the topics they want to at a given time. They can join online discussion groups and appoint a mentor of their choice to monitor their studies and guide them throughout the process.

Self-directed Studying – Since online study materials are presented in a simplified manner, the students are empowered to understand concepts without any external support. With the help of many tools like ‘schedule,’ available in online courses, they can plan and implement their study process as per their need and capability.

Helps Slow Learners – With ‘anytime, anywhere’ learning option available online, students who learn slow can revisit lessons taught in school for n number of times to get a better grasp of the concepts. Students who miss a class can also catch-up with their peers by studying the missed lesson at home.

Flipped Classrooms – This is the era of flipped classrooms where students study the lesson in advance before it is taught at the school. This practice preps-up students’ minds to gather detailed information shared later by the teachers.

The Gen Z students of today are smart enough to understand that they need to employ the latest learning methods to stay ahead of their competition. Online learning gives them an avenue to put in their best efforts and be thoroughly prepared to take the school examinations.

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Ace the essential CBSE exams with online learning tools

CBSE class 10 and 12 boards are the most crucial examinations in academics as they decide the future course of studies of the students. And, since, the CBSE exams follow the pattern of all the competitive tests like JEE and AIIMS, the board exams hold a lot of weight in forging the career pursuits of students.

Image result for cbse exam 10


In this digital era, where everything you need to know is available online, students have taken to online learning in a big way as it enhances their studies and helps them perform better in the board exams. The CBSE adopts a “Front Line Curriculum” concept, which entails regular upgrading of the syllabus with more relevant materials. Textbooks cannot be reprinted but online study material can be revised.

There is a host of players in the digital education sector which offer quality online teaching lessons mapped to the CBSE curriculum. Extramarks, a leading digital learning solutions provider, offers a variety of thoughtfully created learning tools on its website study packs that not only support but also enrich the learning experience of students. Multimedia-rich modules replete with 2D and 3D animations decode concepts in an interesting and engaging way. The most complex issues can be easily understood through simplified audio-visual content  Concepts are explained in a layered and hierarchical manner, leading to better understanding. Technology-aided learning lets students learns at their own pace and space. Online technology has led to far-reaching adaptive and interactive learning, making education easy and convenient.


The ‘handy’ online tools that make studies a lot simpler   

Online studies can be regulated by scheduling the entire process throughout the course as per the convenience and learning speed of the students. They can also bookmark important texts or unclear parts of the lesson and can save them for future reference. Many practice tools contained in the online courses enable reinforcement of concepts which get locked-up in the mind for a long time.

Learning is never complete without testing the knowledge gained. Integrated digital learning solutions offer various subjective and objective tests based on the CBSE exams pattern, which let students evaluate their progress well in time before the actual exams. Automated analytical reports contained in the online study modules keep a track of the students’ learning journey, helping them self-evaluate their performance from time-to-time.

Online learning resources also give the option to collaborate with peers in online groups to share their views and get their doubts cleared instantly. One can also appoint a mentor of their choice who will have access to the study process of the student and will be in a position to support and guide them.

Get cracking

These interactive online learning tools help in thorough preparation for the mighty board exams. Extramarks’ innovative online learning tools take off unnecessary burdens from the already stressed students and make their learning process smoother and easier. Do you want to know more about these online learning tools? Click here now.